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Personalized Digital Coaching

You are an individual with a unique body, psychology, background, goals and committments. Only a training programme designed with your specific needs in mind can help you achieve your best results. Every Remote Coaching relationship begins with a consultation call to learn all about your athletic history, health status, committments, availability, and your goals moving forward. Once that information has been collected we will lay out a plan for your training. Athletes will have access to an interactive training document where they will be able to review each days session and goals, submit their results, and receive feedback based on their performance. Miss a day due to family or work committments? The plan will be adjusted daily to accomodate your schedule and performance. You will have the opportunity to connect with your coach each month to give feedback on your training to date and update your goals moving forward. Intermediate Coaching clients are also encouraged to access GTS's General Consultations Services if they wish to augment their training with additional live interaction or video review. New clients should expect to pay a one-time fee of $175 which will cover their initial consultation call, program setup, as well as expanded coaching access in the first month meant to ensure all new athletes have a comprehensive understanding of training system being used.

Features of this Plan
  • Personalized Training Plan and Session Structure
  • Digital Review and Optimization (2 Days/Week)
  • Monthly 20 Minute Consultation Call

Intermediate Coaching Service

Personalized Digital Coaching
  • Detailed Daily Workouts
  • 20 Minute Monthly Call
  • Ongoing Plan Optimization

$ 120/Month

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Personalized Digital Coaching and Video Review

Expanding upon the services available through the Intermediate option, you will connect with your coach by phone once each week to provide feedback on your recent training activities and coordinate the plan for the upcoming sessions. Advanced Coaching clients are encouraged to make use of GTS's On-Site Coaching if they are local to GTS. Video Review and discussion will be conducted twice each month and are independent of your weekly call. All clients should expect to pay a one-time setup fee of $135 which will cover their initial consultation call.

Consultation Topics
  • Personalized Training Plan and Session Structure
  • Digital Review and Optimization (5 Days/Week)
  • Weekly 30 Minute Consultation Calls
  • 25% Discount On On-Site Coaching Services (up to 2 Hours/Month)
  • Bi-Monthly Video Review and Discussion

Advanced Coaching Service

Personalize Digital Coaching and Video Review
  • Detailed Daily Workouts
  • Weekly 30 Minute Call
  • Ongoing Plan Optimization
  • Bi-Monthly Video Review

$ 295/Month

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Comprehensive Professional Coaching

Pair your committment of time and energy with professional guidance to realize your full potential. As Boxing Champion Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Well, life has a tendency to punch us in the mouth on a reglar basis. This package ensures a close working relationship between coach and athlete facilitated by daily contact. Each session is tweaked and optimized based on how the athlete is responding to the training with full accomodations made for their lives outside of athletics. Work/class schedules, equipment access, sleep patterns, all these factors and many more are constantly monitored and the training plan is adjusted as needed to produce the best long term results. This relationship also makes full use of digital recording technologies to deliver regular technical review and discussion of your rowing stroke. Food intake will also be monitored and adapted as necessary to ensure optimal performance. For a more comprehensive breakdown of this service, please use the "More Details" button to the right.

Features of this Plan
  • Personalized Training Plan and Session Structure
  • Daily Digital Review and Optimization
  • Daily Access via Text or Phone
  • Comprehensive Cross Training as Needed and Appropriate
  • 25% Discount On In-Person Consultation Services (up to 2 Sessions/Month)
  • Regular Video Review and Discussion
  • Diet Recall and Nutritional Guidance

Elite Coaching Service

Comprehensive Professional Coaching
  • Detailed Daily Workouts
  • Daily Contact with your Coach
  • Ongoing Plan Optimization
  • Video Review

$ 825/Month

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