Consulting and Education

General Consultation Call

Training Advice and Guidance

Connect for an open ended conversation with a veteran coach and athlete. We all invest so much time into our training, the idea of using that time inefficiently should give pause to anyone. Years of experience affords us plenty of time to learn what works and what doesn't. As a professional coach I have coached over one thousand athletes and observed countless strokes. I've approached training and technical challenges from numerouse angles and have seen and learned from the myriad of ways athletes react to instruction and feedback. I've led my athletes from their very first strokes to gold medals at the national championship, recruitment to most of the nations top schools, and well over a million dollars in awarded athletic scholarships. The consultation call is an excellent way to share that experience with you in your pursuit of maximizing your training investment of time and energy.

Consultation Topics
  • Training Plan and Session Structure
  • Psychological Strategies for Training and Competition
  • Nutrition Advice and Guidance
  • Audio Review and Discussion for Coxswains (special rates apply)
  • Video Review and Discussion (special rates apply)
  • Equipment Selection, Purchasing and Rigging

General Consultation Call

Training Advice and Guidance
  • Prearranged Call
  • 30 and 60 Minute Options
  • Connect Directly with Expert Advice

$ 65-95/30-60 Minutes

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Executive Consultation Call

Program Structure and Management

Learn from my twelve years of experience at the helm of a community program that grew from a dozen athletes erging in a basement to over 260 athletes at it's peak with a $750,000 annual budget. I've been responsible for the hiring and oversight of over 40 coaches, purchased over $1.7 million in capital assets, sold over $400,000 of those assets as part of a regular fleet rotation, founded and directed three major regional regattas, and written dozens of published press releases. Success and failures are hard won and both have lent me invaluable experience. I'm happy to share that experience with you so that you may lead your organization to new levels of success while avoiding many of the struggles and failures that I encountered in my own journey.

Consultation Topics
  • Organization Startup/Formation
  • Board Selection
  • Program Structure
  • Branding, Recruitment and Marketing
  • Staff Selection and Managment
  • Fundraising Events and Annual Planning
  • Major/Capital Fundraising Campaigns
  • Equipment Selection and Acquisition
  • Fleet Management
  • Regatta Management

Executive Consultation Call

Program Structure and Operations
  • Prearranged Call
  • Options for 30 Minutes up to 3 Hours
  • Connect Directly with Expert Advice

$ 150/Hour

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On-Site Consultation

Professional Expertise In Person

There is no substitue for face to face interaction. Coordinate an on site visit for one on one or small group coaching. Guest coaching for teams. Personalized rigging for your single or team boat. Coaching education for your new coaches. Troubleshooting or brainstorming sessions with program leaders, committees and boards. Training on how to execute specific, effective fundraising events. Regatta management and timing services. Basic fleet maintenance. If you need it and we can provide it let us know.

Consultation Topics
  • Individual or Group Coaching
  • Rigging Services
  • Coaching Education/Development
  • Executive Consulting
  • Fundraiser Training
  • Regatta Management
  • Regatta Timing Services
  • Equiment Maintenance

On-Site Consult

Face to Face Professional Service
  • Coaching/Rigging Session
  • Education/Consulting Service
  • Short Session, Daily, or Multi-Day
  • Special Rates for Full and Half Days

$ 150/Session

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$ 150/Hour

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We Also Recommend These Consulting Services

Teamwork. It is just as important off the water as it is on it. We are confident we can help you elevate your performance, but that does not mean we have all the answers. GTS has some amazing peers in the rowing community, each with unique perspectives, background, and experience. These individuals are among the best and we recommend them without reservation. Check them out when you can, and if it appears during our work together that you can benefit more from the services of someone else than you will from us, we will point you in their direction without hesistation.

Learn from the
Best in Rowing

The three Pā€™s ā€“ Prior Proper Planning ā€“ are based around organization, professionalism and communication. The three P's prevent the two P's - Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance - which instill good habits that teach athletes and coaches about time management and etiquette. Power of 3, LLC was designed to develop individuals into successful balanced athletes and coaches.

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As a veteran Division 1 college coach and recruiter, Laura Simon's background allows her to shed a unique light on the complex recruiting process for the coxswain's seat. Simon Consulting offers expertise coaching coxswains and helping coaches instruct their coxswains more effectively.

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Position yourself for success.
Time is a priceless resource and you devote so much of it to your training. Maximize that investment by seeking out the best training environment, coaches, and teammates that you can find. I credit a lot of my own success to putting myself in a position to succeed, not just the work I did along the way. I joined the best teams, and surrounded myself with the best athletes and coaches. Make these decisions with passionate self interest and once you have found your training home, then you can focus on being the best teammate that you can be.
Individual Needs > Team Needs > Team Wants > Individual Wants
The team does NOT come first. YOU come first. But do not confuse what you need with what you want. You must take care of your needs first, because if a team is full of individuals compromized by their own personal sacrifice of health or happiness, then it will fail.
Get faster when you aren't training.
Reduce stress and anxiety, get lots of sleep, and eat well. The best athletes I've coached were not physical outliers, they were the ones that displayed exceptional skill with regard to time managment, got to sleep early and consistently each evening, and fueled themselves with quality foods and in sufficient quantities to meet their above average energy demands.

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Are you a sweep rower looking to pick up two oars for the first time? This week long camp is perfect to ensure you get started on the right foot and establish the foundation needed to excel in small boats.

Learn to Scull for First Time Rowers

Eager to try a new sport? Get started on the right foot with this unrivaled introduction to the sport by one of the nations best sculling coaches.

Youth Summer High Performance Training Group

A premier training experience like no other. Unlock your full potential in a training environment designed in every way to maximize your performance.

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