The GTS Perspective

Every athlete is unique. They have unique bodies, unique histories, unique strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and unique time committments. It is naive to think that plugging a bunch of athletes into a single training program can produce maximum results across all participants. But nonetheless, rowing requires this whenever a crew steps into it's shell for a session. Unfortunately, the sport's professional ranks do not easily differentiate between those times and the times outside the boat when athletes are in a position to follow a unique, personalized program. This coaching "blind spot" results in unrealized potential at best, injury and burnout at worst.

Even for athletes whose experience is isolated to the indoor rower, professional expertise is still drawn from the ranks of on-the-water veterans. That perspective brings strengths as well as weaknesses. GTS CEO and Coach Travis Gardner's background in distance running provided just enough stimulus in his early rowing career to raise questions about the dominant paradigms in rowing training. Those questions led to extensive research, and that research led to innovative techniques that form the back bone of the training methodology GTS uses today. With a degree in Psychology focused on Applied Behavior Analysis, Travis is able to integrate his methodology with highly effective technical instruction to consistently lead his athletes to superior performance, regardless of their age, gender, or skill level.

On-the-water rowing coaches suffer from an additional "blind spot," the 2000 meter race. All mainstream training methodologies are derived from the goal of training for this distance. This is great if you are a youth, collegiate, pre-elite or elite rower, but for those that aren't involved with on-the-water rowing or aren't a part of the mainstream competitive scene, 2000 meters holds no particular importance. Even Master rowers that regularly compete over 1000 meters will find themselves training with the same priciples of the 2000 meter race. Well, 800 meter track runners don't train the same way as 1600 meter runners. And 5000 meter speed skaters don't train the same as 10000 meter skaters. If you aren't training to race 2000 meters you shouldn't use a training programme, even a watered down version of one, that is designed for that distance. Training must accomodate the specific goals of each athlete, whether that is non-competitive recreational rowing, short sprints, traditional middle distances, head races or long tours.

GTS has the perspectice and experience to develop training programs focused on YOUR goals, no matter what they are. Become a client and you can be confident your time, energy, and money will be invested wisely. We do not claim to perform miracles, only an ability to tap into potential others cannot.

The Coach


Veteran Coach

  • National Championships: 6
  • Technical Development, Training Methodology, Psychology
  • Experience: 20 years

Leadership by example.

With an athletic career defined by leadership and excellence in competition, Travis can speak with authority on both the process of attaining peak performance and the challenges of that ongoing journey.

Combining the perspective of distance runner and rower, Travis developed a training system that emphasizes the value of training individuals within the CONTEXT of a team, rather than sacrifice of the individual for the benefit of the team. That system is at the heart of the GTS methodology.

  • High School Distance Runner

    1997 Most Improved, 1998 Most Valuable, 9 #1 Team Finishes, 12th All-Time Cross Country Runner, 4x800m School Record Holder.

  • College Rower

    Novice Team Captain, 2-Time State Champion, 2xVarsity Team Captain.

  • Pre-Elite Rower

    3-Time Club National Champion (2002 Lightweight Intermediate and Senior Quadruple Sculls, 2004 Lightweight Senior Double Sculls), Gold Medalist - 2002 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Senior B Lightweight Quadruple Sculls.

  • Indoor Rower

    World Record Holder, 30-39 Lightweight 100 Meters and One Minute.

Consistent Results at the Highest Level.

Many coaches are graced with an exceptional athlete and have the pleasure to help guide that athlete to success at the highest levels of their sport. The mark of a great coach is their ability to sustain high performance standards across several generations of athletes.

Travis's teams have excelled throughout his tenure, with dozens of podium finishes at every youth championship over the course of a decade and counting. Those crews are defined by a work ethic engrained by effective leadership and nutured to its natural end by superior coaching.

  • 3-Time Club National Champion Coach

    2011 Women's Junior A Pair, 2012 Women's Junior B Double Scull, 2014 Men's Intermediate Single Scull.

  • Undefeated Middle School Record

    As coach of Methuen's scholastic team, Travis' middle school girls were undefeated in team boats throughout his four year tenure there.

  • Superior Reputation Among College Coaches

    Travis is widely respected in the college coaching ranks for producing athletes characterized by exceptional technical skills, a solid aerobic foundation, and a keen understanding of training methodology. At least five have been named captains of their Division 1 program.

  • Masters Coach

    Veteran masters coach experienced with all skill levels and ages up to 70+.

Founder, President, Executive Officer, Senior Coach

Travis founded Essex Rowing Club in 2006 which grew from 36 athletes in its first-season to an enrollment of 264 at its peak. In his role as President and Executive Officer Travis managed all aspects of corporate operations including budgeting, hiring, marketing, communications, planning, capital fundraising and equipment acquisition. He also coordinated all aspects of day to day programming while coaching 1-3 sessions a day, 5-7 days per week.

Travis was also hired as the first, full time coach at Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program. That program grew to over 50 athletes within three months and later evolved into Greater Lawrence Rowing. While at Essex, Travis led initiatives to start scholastic programs at Andover High School, Greater Lawrence Technical School, Chelmsford High School, and Methuen High School, the first of which won the state championship in it's first season and the last of which was the only team at that school to send an athlete to college on scholarship EVERY year.

  • $4 Million in Revenue Generated

    Developed and oversaw programming that introduced over 2000 athletes to the sport in 12 years and generated over $4 million in revenue.

  • Regatta Director

    Founder and Regatta Director for the Head of the Merrimack, Merrimack Chase, and Methuen City Sprints Regatta(s). Veteran manager responsible for all aspects of planning and execution for over 20 annual regattas.

  • Human Resource Management

    Responsible for the hiring and oversight of over 40 employees across 12 years.

  • Capital Asset Acquisition and Rotation

    Developed and maintained professional relationships with vendors resulting in the purchase of over $1.7 million in capital assets and directed regular equipment rotation and sale of capital assets amounting to over $400,000.

  • Media

    Wrote and/or edited dozens of press releases that have been published by every regional and local news outlet.

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